September+October 2005 (#45) $5.00

You won’t want to miss the spectacular Travel Edition of VegNews magazine. Join us on a magic carpet ride to a sampling of the world’s most heavenly getaway destinations. Take an invigorating hike up a sacred mountain, relax for a spell at a luxurious spa, or swim with the kids in the sparkling Caribbean Sea and let the warmth of the sun melt your worries away. This special edition of VegNews is your passport to veg paradise. Enjoy the journey!

More of What’s Inside:
• Special Vegetarian Travel Edition
• 10 Best Veg Destinations in the World
• Cruelty-Free Travel Accessories
• Interview with Donald Watson
• Digital Cameras
• Vegan Moroccan Food
• Taste Test: Faux Meat
• I Can’t Believe It’s Vegan!

September+October 2005 (#45)