July+August 2011 (#80) $5.00

The temperatures are rising, and so are our excitement levels about all the vegan fun to be had this summer. From a look at how to live veg on a budget, to the comedians who make our movement funny, to an animal sanctuary road trip, there's no shortage of awesome goings-on in the July+August issue!

More of What’s Inside:
• Portia de Rossi Talks Compassion
• Incredible Homemade Vegan Ice Cream
• Perfect, Easy Pickles
• Are Your Cosmetics Killing You?
• Russell Simmons' Right-Hand Gal
Deep-Dish Pizza
• All-Vegan Ice Cream Truck
• Jersey Shore's Hidden Gem
• VegVacation: Enchanting India

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July+August 2011 (#80)