November+December 2008 (#64) $5.00

The 2008 Veggie Awards are finally here! After a year of sleuthing the biggest scoops, scoping out the newest products, and chatting up the most newsworthy newsmakers, we’re thrilled to announce the winners of this year’s Veggie Awards. Maybe you’ve been wondering who is rocking our world, like excellent dairy-free cheeses, hot new veggie restaurants, and superstar animal rescues, not to mention our first-ever Person of the Year award. Wait no more, we say! Nor should you delay any further in checking out Kathy Freston’s holiday revival tips, a multitude of fail-proof muffins, and a healthy debate on hemp.

More of What’s Inside:
• Conscious Corporations
• The Truth About Soy and Sperm
• Taste Test: Holiday Libations
• Veggie Stocking Stuffers
• Pecan Pie Truffles
• Frightful Fire Logs!
DIY Holiday Party
• Annual Holiday Shopping Guide

November+December 2008 (#64)