May+June 2005 (#43) $14.99

You won’t want to miss the spectacular “Organic is Back” edition of VegNews magazine. After decades of eating pesticide-laden produce, pure food is in demand, and it’s a booming market. But those chemical-laden years have taken their toll. Say the word organic and what often comes to mind are premium goods sold at farmers’ markets and specialty stores and, more recently, in special sections of supermarkets. Yet organic foods were once everyone’s food; they’ve been the norm far longer than not. Join VegNews as we explore the new organic movement and look back at the old organic way of life.

More of What’s Inside:
• Organic is Back
• 12 Most Contaminated Foods
• GMOs: What’s on Your Plate?
• Organic Athletes
• Veg Visit to DC
• Best Veggie Burgers
• Dairy-Free Blackberry Scones
• Fresh Spring Supper

May+June 2005 (#43)