January+February 2006 (#47) $14.99

You won’t want to miss the inspiring Health and Fitness edition of VegNews magazine. We’ll give you the heads-up on nutrition, help you stay hydrated while training, shatter myths about veg diets, give you a taste of the newest energy bars, keep you off junk food forever, dress you up with the latest vegan athletic gear, and send you off with two Skinny Bitches. Really. So, let’s get moving!

More of What’s Inside:
• The Health & Fitness Issue
• 15 Veg Athletes Who Inspire Us
• Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek
• The Ultimate Veg Detox Plan
• The Veg Junk Food Conundrum
• Hollywood Actress Persia White
• Is Lab-Grown Meat the Future?
• Staff Picks for the Best Vegan Cheese

January+February 2006 (#47)