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September + October (#87)

September + October (#87)

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Ladies and gentlemen, you won't want to miss this issue. It's our first-ever Vegan Cheese Edition, and we've devoted an entire issue (well, lots of it) to vegan cheese of every shape and size. Whether it melts on pizza, is poured over nachos, or tastes great atop a cracker with a glass of wine, we take our hat off to the revolutionaries who have made vegan cheese works of art.

More of What’s Inside: 
• 9 Incredible Artisan Cheese Recipes (from Brie to Mozzarella!)
• Foodie Guide to Paris
• The National School Lunch Program: Where Are We Now?
• Can Veganism Feed the World?
• 10 Questions with Author Victoria Moran
• 4 Farmers-Turned-Vegan
• Weekend Escape to Toronto
• Today's Hottest (Veg) Video Stars
• Chocolate-Covered Katie
• + Recipes Galore

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