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The 2022 Cities Issue (#131)

The 2022 Cities Issue (#131)

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The jam-packed 2022 Cities Issue is here, and it’s filled with the best plant-based products, recipes, food trends, vegan personalities, beauty, fashion, media, and so much more. Inside you’ll find an interview with social media phenom Joanne Lee Molinaro (aka The Korean Vegan), a plant-based tour of the South, the stories (and menus) behind three stunning, vegan weddings, a review of Honolulu’s vegan sushi haven Tane Vegan Izakaya, and so much more. Not yet a subscriber? What are you waiting for? Subscribe now so you don’t miss a single issue.

More of What’s Inside:

• Vegvisits: The Vegan Version of Airbnb Changing Travel
Joanne Lee Molinaro on Korean Cuisine, Identity, and Cooking From the Soul
The VegNews Food Tour of the South
The Ethics of Travel: The Effects of Overtourism
Wedding Destination: Love
Texas BBQ Brisket
Wicked Good BBQ Sauce
Lone Star Hot Links
Vegan Barbecued Burnt Ends
Bacony Pasta Salad
Spicy Asian Coleslaw
Star Spangled Potato Salad
Hot Box Grilled Cabbage Steak
Fish & Chips With Mushy Peas
Inside Out California Roll
Vegan Cheese-Stuffed Pandan Pandesal
Helado de Fresas con Crema
Taste Test: A Taste of Local Vegan Food Scenes
VegEats: Honolulu’s Tane Vegan Izakaya
VegVacation: A Vegan Road Trip Down the California Coast
VegStyle: Dressing for Four Killer Vegan Cities
VegBeauty: The Best Sustainable Sunscreens
VegHealth: Food Access & Equity
VegAdvice: Moving, Meeting the Parents, and Making Nice at Work
VegPicks: Our Top 10 Vegan Products
• The Global Vegan Cuisine to Be Found in Portland

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