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The 2019 Spring Issue (#118)

The 2019 Spring Issue (#118)

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Welcome to our gorgeous Spring Issue, packed with the very best in plant-based food, travel, beauty, fashion, media, products, and so much more. Inside you'll find dozens of springtime recipes, a guide to zero-waste living, an interview with today's most successful vegan restaurateur, a matcha taste test, an Italian getaway to Rome, and so much more. Not yet a subscriber? What are you waiting for! Subscribe now so you don’t miss a single issue.

More of What’s Inside:
• Must-Eats in Paris
• How to Meditate
• The Politics of Beauty
• Gumbo Pot Pie with a Biscuit Crust
• Pistachio Pralines
• Masala Tandoori Crab Cakes
• Tempeh Catfish Curry
• Vegan Tri-Tip Sandiwches
• Next-Level Potato Salad
• Beer-Battered Tacos
• Blood Orange Shortbread Bars
• Chicago's Hottest Vegan Eatery
• 48 Hours in New Orleans
• An Italian Getaway to Rome
• VegDating with Jasmin Singer
• Today's Hottest Vegan Products + Cookbooks

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