Vegan Candy Bars by Sjaak's $3.00

Here at VegNews, staffers go gaga for new vegan products. But when a brand-new candy bar shows up to our offices, we literally stop the presses. The latest offering from compassionate chocolatier, Sjaak's, Eli's Earth Bars are organic, fair trade, and return a percentage of their profits to child-centered charities. Does all that do-gooding make the chocolate-peanut butter-caramel trifecta all the more delicious? Yes. And after just one bite, we knew we had to order a truckload for the VegNews Store, and, well, for whenever we need a gooey chocolaty caramel fix. That would be all day, every day. Please keep the heat in mind when placing your order during these hot summer months!

Vegan Candy Bars by Sjaak's