VegNews Investigative Journalism Fund $50.00

Here at VegNews, we take pride in delivering compelling, important stories to our readers. Each issue, we work with top writers around the country to report on stories that are not often published in the mainstream media—and provide a perspective based on truth and ethics. We've covered (and won awards for) the bitter realities of chocolate production, the real culprit behind the worldwide water crisis, the problem with palm oil, the exploited lives of slaughterhouse workers, how pet food is made, and what happens during an undercover investigation on a factory farm. These stories need to be told in order for our world to evolve into one that's more just, kind, and humane.

We invite you to help make these stories come to life through our VegNews Investigative Journalism Fund. Articles take months to develop, and our writers work tirelessly to expose the facts to VegNews readers. Your contribution can have lasting effects for months, years, and even decades as we work to educate the world on living compassionately. From all of us at VegNews, we thank you.

Prefer to mail a check? Send to VegNews Investigative Journalism Fund, 3505 20th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110.

VegNews Investigative Journalism Fund